Folly Trolley

Folly Trolley

Folly Trolley Taxi is a locally owned Taxi company in the heart of Folly Beach,

SC offering transportation for up to 14 passengers.
The Folly Trolley Taxi is best in the business for large groups like bachelor, bachelorette,
birthday, wedding or any large group ready for and unforgettable and safe taxi ride.
Folly Trolley Taxi is the only way to travel and enjoy the beautiful weather of Folly beach.

So if you see the iconic Folly Trolley Taxi out wave us down or give us a call. Have fun on Folly Beach and be safe with the Folly Trolley Taxi for your next night out!

Category: Getting Around

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    Contact info:


    Phone: (843) 696-9062


    Absolutely the most fun you can have getting to your Folly destination Mateo will get there and back safely and if you are not singing and having a blast it's your own fault. Highly recommend the FollyTrolly



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